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"Breakthrough Creativity may be the most comprehensive and useful volume ever written on this fascinating subject.... It might just unlock the possibilities that Buckminster Fuller once suggested would result in a world of four billion billionaires!"
— Andrew J. Kaslow, Former Senior Vice President, People Development, AOL Time Warner, USA.

"For present and future leaders, Levesque's book reflects a refreshing new direction for facing today's challenging workforce issues. It should be part of every executive's thought process..."
— Nicki Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Wilton Bank, USA.

"An important book for all leaders of the 21st century in any country around the globe."
— Kurt Brandenberger, Head of Corporate Transformation, Von Roll Group, Switzerland.

"Levesque shows that each of us has creative talents and that creativity is diverse in its expression. Easy to read, this book will benefit individuals and teams seeking to create and innovate."
— Theodora Noble and Peter Bartos, Forge Connexions, Pty Ltd, Australia, coauthors of "Positioning Yourself for Career Success."

"One of the few books I have read on the subject that provides real practical insights and tools. It really does address the issue of business and workplace demands to produce new and different results, thus generating that elusive thing called competitive advantage!"
— Phillip Walker, Training and Development Manager, Zeneca Agrochemicals PLC, England.

"This is a remarkable tool for building high-performing, highly creative teams, for team members, for managers to nurture and develop each personality type, and for the individual to remove obstacles to creativity and become his or her most innovative self."
— Joseph M. Slye, Executive Consultant, Federal Consulting Group, USA.

"Breakthrough Creativity ... is recommended reading for practicing managers and for coaches and consultants involved in developing people and in building creatively productive teams."
—David M. Horth, Senior Program Associate, Center for Creative Leadership, USA; coauthor of "Leading Creatively."

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