Here are some additional resources to help you become a breakthrough leader:

Peter Schmidt & Friends is a consulting firm, based in Cologne Germany. Its managing partner, Peter Schmidt, uses proven techniques to build a company's ability to achieve unprecedented levels of creativity and innovation. Their innovation process generates new ideas, prototypes and services from customer needs and future trends. Peter Schmidt is also licensed to deliver Breakthrough Creativity programs in Europe. (English translation coming soon!)

For more information about the Denison Organizational Culture Survey and other services and resources from the Denison organization, consult this website.

The Global Business Network has many resources (some free) regarding scenario planning.

The website with a wealth of information about the Hogan Assessment system.

For more information about the Leadership Versatility Index® (LVI)® and more about versatility in leaders, consult this website.

Since first introduced, Action Learning has become a dynamic process that helps organizations challenge the status quo and develop creative, flexible and successful strategies. This website provides many resources to further understanding of the power of action learning in developing more creative and critical thinking, collaborative leaders.

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