Recommended Reading List

Here are some books and articles to help you create leadership breakthroughs:

All the Right Moves: A Guide to Crafting Breakthrough Strategy, Constantinos C. Markides (Harvard Business School Press, 1999)

The Art of the Long View, Peter Schwartz (Currency Doubleday 1996)

Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne (Harvard Business School Press, 2004)

Crafting and Executing Strategy: Concepts and Cases, Thompson-Strickland-Gamble (Irwin McGraw Hill, 2006 15th Edition)

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done, Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, and Charles Burck (Crown Business, 2002)

"The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy," Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business Review, January 2008

The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently...and Why, Richard Nisbett (Free Press, 2004)

"How to Build Scenarios," Lawrence Wilkinson, Wired Magazine.

The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth, Clayton M. Christensen, Michael E. Raynor (Harvard Business School Press, 2003)

Know What You Don't Know: How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen, Michael A. Roberto (Wharton School Publishing, 2009)

The Leader's Edge: Six Creative Competencies for Navigating Complex Challenges, by Charles Palus and David Horth (Jossey Bass 2002)

Leadership Without Easy Answers, Ronald A. Heifetz (Belknap/Harvard University Press, 1994)

Leading Strategic Change, Stewart Black and Hal Gregersen (Prentice Hall, 2003)

Leading with Questions: How Leaders Find the Right Solutions by Knowing What to Ask, Michael J. Marquardt (Jossey-Bass, 2005)

Leading Outside the Lines, Jon R. Katzenbach and Zia Khan (Jossey-Bass, 2010)

"Lopsidedness in Leaders," Robert Kaplan and Rob Kaiser (2006)

"Making Change Initiatives Stick," Michael A. Roberto and Lynne C. Levesque, Sloan Management Review, Summer 2005.

"Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Entrepreneurship," David A. Garvin and Lynne C. Levesque, Harvard Business Review, October 2006.

"The Multi-Unit Enterprise," David A. Garvin and Lynne C. Levesque, Harvard Business Review, October, 2008.

"Note on Scenario Planning," David A. Garvin and Lynne C. Levesque, Harvard Business School Publishing, 2005.

Optimizing the Power of Action Learning, Michael J. Marquardt (Davies Black, 2004)

Thinking about the Future, ed. By Andy Hines and Peter Bishop (Social Technologies, 2006)

The Versatile Leader, Robert A. Kaplan with Rob Kaiser (Pfeiffer, 2006).

"Work of Leadership," Ronald A. Heifetz and Donald Laurie, Harvard Business Review, January 1997

"What is Strategy," Michael Porter, Harvard Business Review, November-December 1996

Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer, Michael Roberto (Wharton School Publishing, 2005)


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