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The Practical Innovator Newsletter
December 2010

As the holidays approach, I am reminded of how grateful I am for all my friends and colleagues who have been so supportive over the years. I hope this message finds you well, both professionally and personally.

With the coming new year, I am happy to announce my newly redesigned online presence, which includes an upgraded website, with significantly updated material on creating leadership breakthroughs, a revamped (much shorter!) newsletter, and even a Twitter profile. Yes, even creativity experts must keep on re-inventing themselves!

I hope that you will continue to enjoy this newsletter which remains dedicated to providing leaders with practical ideas, techniques, and experiences to be more effective, productive and creative!


in this issue
  • Best Wishes for the Holidays
  • The New Website!
  • What's New?
  • Next Steps
  • How You Can Get Involved!

  • The New Website!

    My new website has not only been redesigned, but has also been upgraded to include new material, such as the five steps involved in creating leadership breakthroughs:

    1. Defining what creativity means in your organization
    2. Appreciating individual differences in creative talents
    3. Growing your creative competency as a leader
    4. Applying your creative competency to building a breakthrough organization
    5. Applying your creative competency to building a breakthrough team

    What's New?

    Next Steps

    If you would like to discuss the challenges you face as a leader and how I might help you achieve higher levels of organizational and personal performance in a variety of innovative ways, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary conversation.

    How You Can Get Involved!

    I encourage you to get involved! You can visit my new website and follow me on Twitter. There I engage with people all over the world in conversations on the topics of creativity, innovation and leadership in business. I invite you to not only visit, but participate as well!

    Of course, I welcome your thoughts and insights on these new developments!

    And I would also appreciate your passing this newsletter on to anyone else who might be interested!

    Best Wishes for the Holidays
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    May the new year bring you good health, prosperity, and lots of creativity! Warmest regards and best wishes for the holidays and the coming new year!

    Lynne C. Levesque, Ed.D.

    Lynne Levesque Consulting

    A global consultancy dedicated to accelerating the strategic and creative performance of leaders and their organizations -- in ways you've never seen before!

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