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Happy Summer!
Summer 2012

Time has flown by ever too quickly. I trust the past months have been good ones for you with lots of creative adventures. Mine have been quite full of new projects which I share below.

This newsletter is designed to provide leaders with practical ideas, techniques, and experiences to be more effective, productive and creative! Please feel free to share it with others.


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  • You Can't Win If You Don't Play
  • Breakthrough Creativity Team Energizer
  • HRDQ Breakthrough Creativity Products
  • Legacies by Levesque
  • 2012 International Leadership Association Conference
  • Recommended Reading
  • My Blog

  • Breakthrough Creativity Team Energizer

    Are you looking for a way to energize the creativity of your team? Or an icebreaker to introduce the eight creative talents?

    How about the Breakthrough Creativity Bingo Game?

    At a client's request, I created a card game, designed to help a team get to know each other in a fast-paced environment while deepening their knowledge of the eight creative talents.

    HRDQ Breakthrough Creativity Products

    We're almost there! The second editions of the Breakthrough Creativity products from HRDQ will be available this fall! They include:

    * The new Breakthrough Creativity Profile Participant Guide with updated material and new handouts for workshops on

    1. The Breakthrough Creativity Profile, the only personality instrument designed to identify different creativity styles using an inclusive definition of creativity, and
    2. The brand new Breakthrough Creativity Team Profile, designed to build upon the creative talents of team members and bring the team to higher, more creative performance

    * An updated Breakthrough Creativity Facilitator Guide full of new material on using the eight creative talents to help teams be more creative, productive and effective.

    The new editions of the Participant and Facilitator Guides also include special sections on Breakthrough Creativity Problem Solving, using the creative talents to solve tough problems.

    Legacies by Levesque

    As a result of my experience working with Dave Barry on his book You Can't Win If You Don't Play (see Featured Article), I am launching a new set of services designed to help leaders

    • Document their leadership accomplishments and unique history
    • Explain their actions and decisions so that others can gain perspective and learn from them
    • Discover the leadership themes that have run through their life
    • Convey their vision and wisdom to succeeding generations
    • If you or someone you know might be interested in a complimentary one-hour exploration of what's involved in documenting a leadership legacy, please email me.

    2012 International Leadership Association Conference

    I'll be leading three workshops at the annual conference of the International Leadership Association in October 24-27, 2012 in Denver Colorado.

    In the "Leadership as a Moving Experience" workshop, I will highlight the journey that Gentle Giant Moving Company has taken to define "leadership" and then to develop "leaders" at all levels of the organization.

    In a panel discussion, Debra Lovelace, Global HRD Manager at KEMET Corporation, and I will be discussing KEMET's Action Learning program that has evolved over the last six years. We will share lessons and open up the session for discussion of best practices with this extremely valuable approach to leadership development.

    Finally, I will lead a roundtable discussion on techniques to break or reframe mental models, those pesky blindspots that get in the way of leaders striving to be more creative.

    Recommended Reading

    Have you read The Other Side of Innovation by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble? This book and its companion How Stella Saved the Farm are absolutely required reading for anyone who wants to get serious about implementing innovative ideas.

    I've recently explored the book and its recommendations with co-author Chris Trimble and his colleague Greg Kaiser, from the International Though Leader Network. Their impressive advice is based on heavy research on building innovation teams and partnerships, running disciplined experiments, and many other wise suggestions to make innovation ideas happen.

    My Blog

    Have you read my latest blog on "The Myth of the Two Sides of the Brain?" Please check it out and let me know what you think!

    You Can't Win If You Don't Play

    I recently had the privilege of working with 94-year-old Dave Barry, not the columnist, as he wrote his memoirs and leader- ship lessons. Based on Dave's reading of the advice: "you can't win if you don't play," the book tells stories and provides powerful messages that he considers critical to leading a good life - one where we push ourselves and others to reach our full potential.

    Dave is a leader who has never settled for a satisfactory existence. He worked hard to do what he loved and what he believed was great work. In his business and life, he managed to follow his heart and intuition and was happy becoming what he truly wanted to become.

    Dave had many reasons for writing this book: to show his gratitude for his family, to share the legacy that he and his brothers inherited and further shaped, and to inspire and help readers better navigate through the many challenges of life. In his words, "Looking back on my life, I know I've been lucky, but I also know it's true that you can't win if you don't play. What really matters, though, is how you win and how you play."

    Working with Dave was truly incredible, as I learned about his family, his life, his relation- ships, his entrepreneurial successes and challenges, and his upbeat, creative approach to life. It was a marvelous experience to help him share his legacy.

    Read what Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin said about the book:

    "I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dave's stories which cut across an amazing span of American history, from World War I until today. His philosophy of life, laced with humor and wisdom, provides much to consider for readers of all ages. What more can we ask at 94 years old than to be able to feel, as Dave clearly does, that we've had a great life and are still looking forward to many more years of such joy?"

    To order Dave's book: bit.ly/LRrzko

    Lynne Levesque
    Author of

    Breakthrough Creativity:
    Achieving Top Performance
    Using the Eight Creative Talents

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