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Happy October!
October 2012
It's not IF you are creative.  It's HOW you are creative!  And if you've been wondering how to heighten your own creativity and that of your team, you don't have to wait any longer.

After what seems like ages, HRDQ and I are pleased to announce the publication of the Breakthrough Creativity Profile Participant and Facilitator Guides.  Details of each are described below!

HRDQ is offering a great discount during the launch.  See the link below to obtain your discounts! 


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HRDQ Breakthrough Creativity Profile Products
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2012 International Leadership Association Conference
Words from the Past
HRDQ Breakthrough Creativity Profile Products
Breakthrough Creativity

They're here! The second editions of the Breakthrough Creativity Profile Guides from HRDQ are now available!   And through November 30th, HRDQ is offering special discounts on your purchases. 

The second edition of the Breakthrough Creativity Profile Participant Guide contains the Profile, the leading edge tool for identifying creative talents. It also includes revised references and handout material for the Breakthrough Creativity Profile Workshop and two new workshops: one for teams to understand the impact of the talents on the team's creative performance and one that applies the eight creative talents to problem solving.

The second edition of the Facilitator Guide is full of new material to help facilitators lead all three workshops.     

If you've been looking for ways to boost your own or your team's creative results, check out the new editions!   Use coupon code BCPFG30.
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Watch for an announcement about a special group forming for those using the Breakthrough Creativity Profiles in their work!
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2012 International Leadership Association Conference 

The annual conference of the International Leadership Association is underway.  And today, October 26th, we are officially launching the Second Edition of the Breakthrough Creativity Profile Guides here at the conference.  I will also be leading a session today:  "Leadership as a Moving Experience" (about the work we've done at Gentle Giant Moving Company) and a panel discussion tomorrow with Debra Lovelace, Global HRD Manager at KEMET Corporation, about KEMET's Action Learning program.  

If you are interested in finding out more about the Breakthrough Creativity Profile and framework, the leadership development work at Gentle Giant or KEMET, or about the powerful action learning program we developed at KEMET, feel free to email me.

Breakthrough Creativity
Words from the Past? 
Lynne Levesque, Ed.D.  Consultant, Researcher, Author
Lynne Levesque, Ed.D

Years and years ago, I spoke at a high school gathering and shared some thoughts about our future. My talk referenced several well-known individuals from history and included the following words:


"Each of these people developed and worked at his [or her] special gift in order to make a contribution to humanity.... They were aware that their lives could be as wide and as high as they care to make them or flat and pinched if they didn't care at all."


This past Saturday night at a high school reunion, we heard the tape of my speech. I was struck by how much the themes from the past have echoed throughout my life!  The desire to encourage others to reach their full potential and to help them develop their special gifts  through realizing their creative strengths has been my passion and purpose -- for a lot longer than I realized.


With the publication of the second edition of the Breakthrough Creativity Guides, I continue to pursue that purpose.

Lynne Levesque
Author of

Breakthrough Creativity Profile Participant and Facilitator Guides

and the

Breakthrough Creativity:

Achieving Top Performance
Using the Eight Creative Talents

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