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The Mallefowl Beyond Australia

I also left Ongerup and, two 1/2 weeks later, Australia, with a revised perspective on the issues of globalization and a deeper connection to that part of the world. I was fortunate to be interviewed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio after my visit to Ongerup. In the interview, (to listen to the interview, click here), I reflected on my interest in the Malleefowl. It had started out in 1998 as curiosity about this bird and its unique ability to manage the temperature of its mound and enable the eggs laid inside it to incubate. Then it grew into an appreciation for the grass roots efforts and increasing professionalism of the Malleefowl Preservation Group.

It then expanded into an appreciation of the MPG's efforts and their link to Climate Change (the more the Malleefowl is protected and the more land that is returned to vegetation, then the more CO2 that gets absorbed out of the atmosphere, reducing the impact of greenhouse gases). It has now progressed further into a realization of the link this interest gives me to Australia and another part of the world. By traveling to Australia and through conversations with so many different people, I have increased my knowledge of the nuances and challenges of globalization. Through discussions around innovation, I have also enhanced my perspectives on the diversity of innovative efforts among the regions of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. And all this new knowledge helps keep me current and furthers my ability to teach and consult about breakthrough leadership and innovation.

My commitment to the Malleefowl and the Malleefowl Preservation Group

Over the past several years I have continued to contribute to the MPG to help preserve this amazing animal and its habitat, because I believe that Malleefowl preservation is more than saving one more unusual bird. It's about conserving the total biodiversity of our planet.

According to Susanne, "we are a small band of wheat and sheep farmers who are concerned not only about the Malleefowl but also our own long term planning for more than just tomorrow!"

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