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Malleefowl Crossing sign
Crossing sign on road in Ongerup

In addition to getting to know Alan and Susanne and enjoying their hospitality, I learned a great deal more about the MPG, its history and its current challenges. Although I had been in touch with Susanne and the MPG since my first visit to Australia, ours had been a virtual relationship. Now I was able to get to know them and the MPG personally.

We actually spent some time reviewing MPG's strategic plan. Since the group has reached a new stage in its growth and at the same time is, like so many other organizations, being challenged for funding and for volunteers, we updated the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) table that they had created several years ago.

After several conversations with Susanne, Alan, and other members of the MPG, I came away from my visit even more impressed with their passion, commitment, and professionalism. The MPG is more than an organization dedicated to conserving Australia's endangered native species. It has become a community for the volunteers who are passionate in their pursuit of saving the Malleefowl and its habitat.

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For more information on this fascinating bird and the efforts to preserve it:

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