Step #3: Grow Your Creative Competency

Leaders everywhere are constantly being challenged to be more creative, to think and to do things differently because old ways don't work anymore and ready-made solutions often don't solve the problem anyway. Leaders who know how they are creative and what they must do to put that creativity to productive use can achieve extraordinary results.

  Creativity is the single most important leadership competency for enterprises seeking a path through the complexity facing them...  

IBM CEO Survey, 2010

But being creative is not enough! Leaders need to develop their creative competency, a set of attitudes, resources, and behaviors that enable them to apply their creativity and knowledge to achieve top performance. There are four critical ingredients that build on a foundation of a work environment that is supporting of creative leadership and innovation, a personal knowledge base that feeds a leader's creativity, and job requirements and responsibilities that require creative solutions.

Adopt a versatile and collaborative leadership style, deepen awareness; strengthen practices, resources and tools; develop critical attitudes and mindsets; cultivate a supportive culture and environment; meet job requirements, roles, and responsibilities; build on the right knowledge base.


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