Who are Breakthrough Leaders?

Leaders who create breakthroughs are those who know how they are creative and understand what they must do to put that creativity to productive use and achieve extraordinary results. They have the cognitive and emotional skills to drive creative solutions.

Such leaders are:

  • Open, curious, and able to break out of old, useless mindsets
  • Agile and resilient amidst increasing complexity and constant change
  • Courageous and persistent against obstacles
  • Nimble and adept at seeing possibilities and challenges in completely different ways
  • Proficient at coming up with fresh new ideas and executing on them

These leaders:

  • Constantly question the status quo
  • Take calculated risks, test, experiment and tweak
  • Find new ways of doing business and communicating with others
  • Understand how to build great teams and innovative organizations to capitalize on diversity

Lynne Levesque, Ed.D.

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