I am often asked what I do and I have found, because what I do doesn’t fit neatly into any particular category, that it is often difficult to respond.  So I need to really be creative in coming up with an answer!  My varied work experiences (financial services, education, technology, financial and strategic planning, project management, and organizational development) and wide ranging education (Russian undergrad, two masters degrees, one in Modern European History and one in Business/Finance, a doctorate in creativity, and significant expertise in Jungian psychology, innovation, and other leadership challenges) provide me with an integrated, organization-wide view of challenges.  So I tend to take a systems view of challenges, incorporating perspectives around people, strategy, culture, processes, and structure.

Thus, when I “consult,” I can help leaders see their challenges differently and can also provide models, frameworks, and support to aid in addressing or resolving outstanding issues involving strategy, change management, innovation, and leadership development.  When I “coach,” I not only work with clients to set objectives and understand issues more deeply, but I can also provide advice around options for addressing their challenges.   You can read about some typical client engagements in more detail on my website at

Here are some of the projects I am working on right now:

  1. I am working with a 94-year-old client to write a book that shares his very positive philosophy of life.
  2. I am working with my long-time moving and storage client, coaching three of their senior executives to help them deal with their short-term and long-term challenges and also designing a 360° performance feedback survey for their senior leaders and their senior management team.
  3. I am working with a billion-dollar electronics company to put the finishing touches on the last week of their third Leadership Forum for high potential leaders, supporting their leading-edge action learning program, and starting to look at the format and content of the third learning forum for their technology leaders.
  4. And I am getting ready to deliver a half-day Breakthrough Creativity facilitation session for a research-lab team.

How would you describe what I do?

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