My Last Breakthrough Creativity Blog Post

This is my last blog post on the website.   As I mentioned in my December 2, 2014 post, I have spent a great deal of time over the last few years searching out the story of my eighth great grandmother Jeanne Marguerite Chevalier, who was born in France in 1643 and died in Quebec in 1716. What began as “interest” in my ancestor and her story over a decade ago has, over the past few years, grown into an obsession. As I have dug deeper into her life, I have visited the sites of her birth in Coutances, France and the various places where she lived in Quebec and prowled through archives and libraries here in Boston, then in France and Quebec. I’ve had live interviews and conversations with relatives and email correspondence with prominent historians. I’ve scoured the Internet for information. And I have learned a great deal about the Fille du Roi program that drew her to Quebec.  With each twist and turn on this journey, both logical and not, my obsession and curiosity have only intensified.

In 1671 Jeanne left France forever, a departure that changed her life. In her footsteps, I am leaving my twenty-year plus consulting practice, to search out and tell her story. And in doing so, my life also is changing, but for me in two directions. I am going back to my French-Canadian roots by honing my abilities to read, write and converse in French and establishing connections with distant relatives. I am also going back to my years of studying history and resurrecting my research skills to hunt down leads that add texture to my portrayal of her life, against the backdrop of 17th and early 18th century France and Canada.

Hopefully I am also moving forward, toward something…… Only I am not sure what that is, yet! That future certainly includes an appreciation for the invisible forces and synchronicities that seem to be driving my research and journey. A realization that I can’t find answers to every question that I ask – about Jeanne or about many other things in life. An awareness of the power of intuition.  Hopefully further growth in my creative talents and imagination and the acquisition of new skills and abilities.

And so, I am embarking on a new journey with the launching of my new blog site, dedicated to my ancestor, Jeanne Marguerite Chevalier.   As Jeanne’s 8th great granddaughter, writing almost 300 years after her death, I am weaving historically grounded facts together with creative hypotheses and my intuition to fill in any gaps and mysteries in her story. I will also be threading in colorful anecdotes about experiences encountered in my search for Jeanne’s story.

Jeanne’s is a story of endings and new beginnings.  And it’s a story of much courage, stamina, will, and many choices. I hope you will check it out ……

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